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Film Making Unit (AE 830)

  • The Proto-Contact tabletop unit which serves a Negative making printer for Film Negatives.
  • Avoiding expensive cameras, the user can directly make negative from 1x1 scale artworks.


PCB Curing/Oven Machine (AE 831)

  • Tabletop unit for curing of liquid protoresist or dryingof PCB’s.
  • Timer controlled system allows fast and efficient PCB curing.


U.V. Exposure Machine Double Sided (AE 832)

  • A tabletop double sided exposure unit for higher solution exposure of PCB’s
  • Maximum Size : 10" x 12"


Photoresist Dip Coating Machine (AE 833)

  • The machine is tabletop and compact.
  • A single operation unit designed for coating of laminates with photoresist

PCB Etching Machine (AE 834)

  • For fast and double sided PCB etching
  • Useful etching area : 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12").

Roller Tinning Machine (AE 835)

  • This a tabletop unit for Tin/Solder coating of PCB’s.
  • A hand operated flywheel always easy manual coating of boards.

PCB Drilling Machine (AE 836)

  • A compact tabletop high speed drilling machine with a quick change Chuck
  • Drill holding by precision chuck with lapped jaws.


PCB Shearing Machine (AE 837)

  • A Bench top shearing machine to PCB’s and Laminators.
  • Structure with central handle allows ease of cutting.

Dye/Developer (2 In 1 Unit) (AE 838)

  • Table top unit which gives convenience to dry film developing and dry film stripping both in one machine.
  • Diaphragm pump agitates the developing solution chamber.


Art Work Table (AE 839)

  • Size : 20" x 24"
  • For PCB artwork design. For film & PCB inspection.


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