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Amplifiers Characteristics

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Biasing Techniques of Transistor (BJT) (AE 295 )

Objective : To study of different Biasing Circuit for Transistor such as Fixed Bias Method, Collector to Base Bias, Emitter Resistor Bias and Voltage Divider Bias methods.
Features : Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply, One NPN transistor, 2 round meters to measure the voltage and current, Different type of Resistances connected inside.


Complementary Symmetry Amplifier (AE 296)

Objective : To study frequency response & output of acomplementary symmetry Amplifier.
Features : Instrument comprises of fixed output DC Regulated Power Supply of 12V, Circuit diagram is printed, Components mounted behind the front panel & connections of important points brought out at 4 mm Sockets.

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