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Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus (AE 235 )

Objective :To plot characteristics curve between voltage & current at different resistance of Solar Cell.
Features : One Solar Cell mounted in a plastic box, variable intensity light source, two analog meters mounted on front panels, build in three dial decade resistance box & wooden plank with 50cm scale.


Characteristics & Application of Semiconductors & Thyristors (SCR, Diac, Traic, UJT, MOSFET, FET, BJT, Diode & Zener) (AE 236 )

Features : In built DC Regulated power supply 0-3V, 0-15V,0-50V. Fixed power supply +5V, 12V, AC 8V. Dual range four meter, Circuit diagram printed on front panel. Important connections brought out on front panel.


Tunnel Diode Characteristics Apparatus (AE 237 )

Objective :To draw curve between voltage & current.
Features : Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply of 0-600mV, two round meter for voltage & current measurement. Circuit diagram is printing on front panel & important connections brought out on front panel.


Measurement of Peak, Average & RMS Value of a AC Signal (AE 238 )

Features :Instrument comprises of Step Down Transformer, Circuit Diagram for Peak & Average Value measurement Printed and connections of important points brought out at Sockets/Terminals.

Verification of KCL and KVL (AE 239 )

Features :Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply 0-5VDC/250mA, two round meters for voltage & current measurement, Combination of resistances mounted on front panel.

Resistances in Series & Parallel Apparatus (AE 240 )

Objective :To verify properties of Resistances when connected in series & parallel.
Features :Instrument comprises of Two moving coil meters to measure voltage & current, Circuit diagram for series & parallel connections Printed & Resistances mounted on the front panel.

Ohms Law Apparatus (AE 241 )

Objective :To verify Ohm’s Law i.e. V=IR
Features :Instrument comprises of Two moving coil meters to measure voltage & current, One wire wound Potentiometer. Circuit diagram Printed & Connections brought out at terminals for connecting 6Volts battery & One wire wound potentiometer.


Ohms Law Apparatus. (With Power Supply) (AE 241A )


Charging & Discharging of Condensor (AE 242 )

Objective :To study RC Time constant using various sets of Resistance & Capacitors.
Features :Instrument comprises of DC Power Supply with selector switch to select different voltages. Two meters to measure voltage & current, circuit diagram is Printed.


Flashing & Quenching of Neon Apparatus (AE 243 )

Objective :To calculate charge & discharge time of a condensor.
Features :Instrument comprises of High Voltage DC Power Supply 0-250VDC/30mA, 3 Capacitors (Paper Type) connected behind the front panel, can beselected using toggle switches & one Neon Lamp.


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