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Time Division Multiplexer (TDM) (AE 431 )

It has facility to study Time Division Multiplexing and
PAM signal from four different input channels and to
learn Demultiplexing and Low-Pass filtering process.
Input channels : 4 numbers
Switching : Time Division Multiplexing
Modulation : Pulse Amplitude Modulation
Sampling rate : 16 KHz
Maximum signal BW : 2 KHz
Onboard sine waves : 2KHz, 1KHz, 500Hz,250Hz, 0-5V variable amplitude
Synchronization pulse generation: Using variable DC level
Phase lock loop : Generates receiver clock and channel information
Low pass filter type : 4th order Butterworth filter
Interconnection : 2mm banana socket
Power Supply : +5V, +/-12V


Pulse Code Modulation & Demodulation (AE 432 )

It has facility to generate the binary code of input signal, using analog to digital converter and time division multiplexing of two such PCM data stream.
Input channels : 2 Nos. Time-division multiplexed, Pulse code modulated
Onboard signals : 1KHz, 500 Hz variable amplitude synchronised sinewaves. Two variable amplitude DC levels
Synchronization signal : Pseudo random code generation
Parity code facility : Even, Odd, Hamming, No Parity
Switch Fault mode : Facility to creat signal bit error using DIP switch
LED Display : At every functional block for examination of Digital data and control signal
Mode of Operation : Fast/Slow
Interconnection : 2mm banana socket
Power Supply : +5V, +/-12V


Delta Modulation & Demodulaion (AE 433 )

  • +/-5V, +/-12V/350 mA DC Power Supply
  • Built in TTL Clock Generator
  • Modulating signal Generator 1KHz with variable amplitude
  • Delta Modulator
  • Delta Demodulator

Analog Fibre optic Trainer (AE 434 )

Voice transmission through optical fiber cable.
To study transmitter circuit & calculate its output power
To study receiver circuit & calculate its input power
To study the attenuation of signal between transmitter & receiver end.
Measurement of numerical aperture
Specifications :
In built ic based fixed dc regulated power supply + 6vDc.
Pre amplifier stage consists of MIC (Microphone), photodetectors, transistors,& biasing network of resistance & capacitors. Power Amplifier stages consists of impedence matching transformers, transistors & biasing network of resistance & capacitors. Output section having LED & speaker , fiber optic cable for transmission of signal. Circuit diagram is printed on glass epoxy PCB & different combination of resistance & test point are brought out on front panel.


Adaptive Delta Modulation & Demodulation (AE 435 )


Single Side Band Modulation & Demodulation (AE 436 )


Analog signal sampling and reconstruction kit (AE 437 )


Frequency division Multiplexer and Demultiplexer (AE 438 )


TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer (AE 439 )


TDM Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer (AE 440 )


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