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Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer (Bread Board Model)

Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer (Bread Board Model) (AE 354 )

Objective : A general purpose experimental board to construct more than 60 experiments of Digital Electronics e.g. Construction & Verification of truth tables of Logic Gates, Boolean Identities and Demorgan Theorems, Digital Adder & Subtractors, Flip Flops, Counters, Shift Registers, Encoder & Decoders, Multiplexer & Demultiplexer etc.
Specifications : It comprises of the Bread Board having:-two Nos Vertically Common Strip (Total 1280 Tie Points) and four Nos. Horizontally Common Strips (Total 400 Tie Points), Fixed output DC regulated power supply of 5V/1A and 15V/500mA, 10 logic input switches logic ‘0’ and logic ‘1’, Ten LED output indicators & one 7- segment displays are provided, 1 Hz monoshot clock pulse with pulser switch & Clock Generator with 1Hz,1KHz, & 10KHz selectable using band switch, One DPM (Digital Panel Meter) is mounted on the front panel.


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