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Stepper motor controller with microcontroller interface (AE 900)


1 TTL circuit for single stepping and free run mode with frequency generator <10-100 Hz

2 Wobble mode

3 Direction selector

4 LED indicators for phase sequence observation

5 12V, 1A/phase, 2.0 kg/cm torque, 1.8 degree stepper motor, uP interface

6 Calibrated dial for position monitoring

7 Position pick up by servo potentiometer

8 IC regulated power supply for complete circuitry

9 Supporting literature with patch cords, 220V mains operated.

Synchro Transmitter / Receiver trainer (AE 901)


1 Study of Synchro Transmitter/Receiver

2 Two dials for input/output angular displacement

3 Knob with large pointers on transmitter and receiver

4 Sockets for rotor (R1, R2) and stator (S1, S2, S3) on panel

5 Built in isolated power supply for both

6 Attenuated output on sockets for view of signal observation on CRO

7 Supporting literature with patch cords

8 220V mains operated


Potentiometric error detector. (AE 902)


1 To study of potentiometer as error detector element

2 Two Full 360 degree rotation servo- potentiometers with 1 degree resolution

3 IC regulated DC excitation for both potentiometers

4 AC excitation at 400 Hz approx.

5 Built in demodulator circuit

6 3.5 digit DVM for carrying measurements

7 IC regulated power supply for rest of the circuitry

8 Complete with instruction manual and patch cords, 220V mains operated.


Magnetic pick up system ( positive & negative) (AE 903)


Magnetic pick up system (Series & parallel) (AE 904)


Light intensity control system (AE 905)


1 Feedback control of light intensity

2 Study of inherent non-linearties- sensor, lamps

3 PI control

4 Dynamic response display

Experiments & specifications :- Characterization of light panel and light sensor blocks Study of a practical single loop feedback control system which includes : - Disturbance study - Error monitoring

1 Performance improvement through P-I control

2 Evaluation of dynamic behaviour

3 Seven lamps 6V/300mA

5 Hz square wave and triangular wave for dynamic response study

6 Switch selectable PI-Controller

7 Built-in 3.5 digit DVM

8 +/- 10%, 50 Hz mains operation

9 Detailed literature and patch cords included


Speed torque characteristics of AC servomotor (AE 906)


1 Two phase AC Servo Motor (2500 RPM)

2 Electronic speed sensor with RPM display upon panel meter

3 Ammeter for load current

4 DC Motor for loading

5 Torque calculation from back emf


7 220 V ac mains operation

8 Isolated supply for motor

9 Supporting literature with patch cords, 220V mains operated


Speed torque characteristics of DC servomotor (AE 907)

1 Shunt wound DC Servomotor

2 Separate field and armature DC supplies

3 Two analog meters to take reading of volt and current for field and armature

4 Analog RPM meter

5 Belt and pulley loading for torque measurement

6 Two spring balance

7 220 V ac line operation

8 Detailed instruction manual with patch cords, 220V mains operated

linear system simulator (AE 908)


1 Study of simulated linear systems

2 Simulated blocks configurable as first, second and third order systems

3 Disturbance adding facility at input and output

4 Signal Sources

5 Square wave : 20-80 Hz, 0-2 Vpp continuously variable

6 Triangular wave : Similar to square wave both in frequency and amplitude

7 Integrated triangle wave fixed amplitude

8 Built in IC regulated power supply

9Complete with detailed instruction manual and patch cords, 220V mains operated.


Temperature System simulator (AE 909)


1 Fast compact oven upto 90 degree C

2 Variety of control actions

3 Digital temperature readout

4 Solid state temperature sensor


1 Identification of the oven parameters

2 Study of ON-OFF temperature control (with adjustable relay characteristics)

3 Study of P, PI, PD and PID controls having adjustable coefficients

Features and specifications:-

1 Temperature controller with facilities for P,I,D and relay control blocks

2 Separate control for P,I,D channel gains

3 Two settings for relay hysteresis

4 Fast 25W oven fitted with IC temperature sensor

5 display of set and measured temperature on a 3.5 digit built in DVM

6 Buffered output for recorder

7 IC regulation in controller circuit power supplies

8 220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz main operation


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